Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My name is unspeakable; my presence undesirable
Nobody wants me as a friend, a relative or even a peer.
But I’m always present when the gold is lost, a business folds and a marriage collapse
I have a reason and a purpose for doin’so.
I have been presented as the enemy, insurmountable, and an object of hate, for I am the standard that is feared by all.
Fear of me stops people from trying for their dreams
Fear of me stops people from dreaming at all
Nobody escapes me for I am the ultimate test
To those who were defeated and have given up the fight, you have misunderstood me.
To those who were crushed and, yet, continue the fight, now know me for who I am.
I am the sun and the water that make life stronger, better and sweeter.
I am proof that nothing is permanent. And no one is immune.
I am the call to arms that revives, awakens and revitalizes.
I am exactly one half of the life that you should be living to the fullest.
I am the hardest lesson to be learned for I am the best teacher in the world….

Now know me by name…
My name is FAILURE !

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