Wednesday, November 19, 2008

aduuu...asal lmbt sgt...hahaha

Result QuizWhat will your marriage age be?
Time to look into the crystal ball and find out how old you'll be when you tie the knot! Are you excited about getting married or just plain horrified? Take this quiz to find out when the wedding bells will ring!

You will be married between the ages of 28 and 35.
A little older when you find true love, you will know exactly what you're looking for and you will get it! Getting married at this age guarantees that you won't have to put up with all the immaturity that comes with a younger marriage. You will be able to put your career to the side and enjoy your mate.


SpastikChikita said...

haha! lambat lg. lek2. cuci mata lu...lolol~

sasha.hamzah said...

hahahaha....klaka sushi...lama siot nk cuci mata...lols

ikan_pari@@ said...

>Pe kate cuci pinggan mangkok kalo pegi kenduri mane². Ringan sket beban tuan rumah.